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Welcome to the International Stamp Exchange Site!

Stamp collecting does not have to be an expensive hobby. Exchanging your duplicate or unwanted stamps with people from around the world is a great way to enhance your collection.

Follow the link below to see the stamp exchange list. Add your own listing to the applicable section, by using the POST option at the upper right hand corner. Please note that I assume no responsibility for any dealings that do not work out, so please ensure you exercise caution as needed.

View the list by clicking the link below the form. I recommend emailing the person you wish to exchange with, and advising them of your trade proposal.
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Last Site Update: 11/30/2006


Coming soon ... kiloware ratings!  I buy em on eBay and wherever else I can find and rate them so you know what is worth your time and money.

Best of luck
with your collection!


1) Always send stamps that you would want to receive. Never send damaged stamps and always send large commemoratives unless the person specifically wants definitives.

2) Never send unsolicited stamps. Make contact first.

3) Always contact the person you wish to trade with first. They may already have many trading partners and may not want to trade at the present time. Also some of their interests may have changed since they posted their ad.

4) Be specific about your wants, what you have to trade and on what basis you would like to trade (catalogue value or 1:1).

5) Always use COMMEMORATIVES or HIGH VALUE stamps on your mailings. It's good to buy a few sheets of colourful issues to use on stamp mail.

6) When you send your stamps put them in a glassine envelope to protect them and use a sturdy envelope for mailing. You could use a thin sheet of cardboard to protect the envelope. Also print neatly or type the address on the envelope so that post office will be able to deliver it correctly and also so the collector will receive a beautiful cover. Double-check the address.

7) Be prompt in your return mailings. If possible let the person know by email when you receive theirs and also when you have mailed the return trade.

8) Keep a record. You could keep a binder of your trades and enter a record of the people you trade with and their interests. Also, keep track of each trade with dates mailed and received and also comments about the stamps received. It's good to make a note of what I have sent to the person.

Many thanks to fellow collector and trader Steve Davis for his permission to use these Tips for Trading which he wrote.


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